Are You A Good Mother?

Published On April 10, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

I think we worry too much as parents.  Are we doing it right?  We compare our parenting skills to each other, to our own parents, even our own spouse.  We doubt ourselves, we overthink, we judge.

Leigh Anderson shares a blog on Huffington Post and I think it’s worth sharing.

7 Things Good Mothers Do That I’m Not Doing Anymore.

I too don’t do these 7 things.   Showers every other night.  Long weekends/ summer vacations — it could be days.  But they are kids, they aren’t getting that dirty and if they do, it means it was a good day.

Elaborate bedtimes?  Nope.  We used to read stories, now they read to themselves or share with us.

I admit I have never bought organic.  I can imagine your look of shock and surprise.  Nope I don’t do it.

I ask my kids to try vegetables.  If they like it I’m happy, if they don’t we try another day.

Be eternally patient – not my strong suit.

Have a perfectly clean house.  This is my hardest to deal with because I love the feeling of a clean house and I used to spend my weekends cleaning.  Then eventually I learned that if I did that, I’d have a clean house but no time to enjoy myself or my kids or my house.

And I don’t spend all my time with my kids.  I love my kids.  All 3 of them.  But if you don’t take time for yourself, you don’t benefit anybody.  I enjoy escaping into the backyard in the morning with my coffee.  I like locking myself in my bedroom and reading a chapter out of a book.

But all of these things have been a battle to obtain because of perception.  Parenting is hard.  The toughest but most rewarding job out there.  We should help each other more, and judge less.


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