What’s Your Sign?

Published On March 26, 2015 | By Carrie Buchanan |

OK, according to this I’m no longer a Libra, but a Virgo.  That’s a completely different identity and I don’t like it.   Instead of peaceful and happy I’m classified as Skeptical, Fussy, cold, Interfering.  Helpful, precise.   They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves.  Oh boy, the more I read about Virgo’s the more I see myself, reluctantly.

According to an article from the BBC, a large number of people’s astrological signs are wrong now, and it’s the gradual movement of the sun and moon that is to blame.  It’s thrown the zodiac out of whack by an entire month.  PLUS, there’s a 13th sign, Ophiuchus, which was deliberately left off the zodiac when it was originally designed more than 2,000 years ago.


So not only could you have an entirely different astrological sign, but you could be of the ones with a completely new one that didn’t exist before.

Jan. 21 – Feb. 16: CAPRICORN
Feb. 17 – March 12: AQUARIUS
March 13 – April 18 – PISCES
April 19 – May 14: ARIES
May 15 – June 21: TAURUS
June 22 – July 20: GEMINI
July 21 – Aug. 10: CANCER
Aug. 11 – Sept. 16: LEO
Sept. 17 – Oct. 31: VIRGO
Nov. 1 – Nov. 23: LIBRA
Nov. 24 – Nov. 29: SCORPIO
Nov. 30 – Dec. 18: OPHIUCHUS
Dec. 19 – Jan. 20: SAGITTARIUS

Read on to see what your new sign might be.

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