Hitchhiking Across Canada

Published On July 28, 2017 | By Carrie Buchanan |

What an incredible story in so many ways.

Meet these two teenagers.  Getting worldwide attention for their wild and crazy adventure.  Ori Nevares and Phil Roberge, two B.C. university students, are travelling across the country with just $150 each in their pockets to meet the people of Canada and celebrate our country’s 150th birthday.

Sounds crazy, right?  But they are learning a lot about the country and it’s people.  Super friendly and generous people with incredible stories.

They worried their small amount of money wouldn’t last long, but halfway through the trip and they’ve only had to spend $9 – spending it on four apples, four carrots, a loaf of bread, and a cucumber. They still have a carrot. Since then, strangers have stepped up to pay for the rest.

The two have learned that once they get to know strangers, they are more than happy to feed them, offer them a ride or give them a place to spend the night.

The two have stayed on farms in the Prairies, camped in open canola fields, and snuggled into beds in the homes of people who heard about the journey on their Expedition Canada 150 website.

They have been filming their journey, creating vlogs for their website and Facebook page.  They’re hoping to create a full-length documentary of the adventure, focusing on the people and what it means to be Canadian.

They are heading east, stopping in Ottawa next, with the hope of camping on the front lawn of the prime minister’s residence.  Why would I not be surprised if he joined them?

Everywhere they go, they ask people the same four questions: From where and how did your family come to Canada; what’s your favourite thing about Canada; how did you come to meet us today; and what is the greatest piece of advice you have to offer?

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